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Paris – Brest – Paris kit list

The bike I’ll be using, and has built especially, for Paris – Brest – Paris is a Noble. Handcrafted by the master Nicolas Noblet himself and put together by Fietsen King. You can find a full spec list of the bike here.

The last few months and during the qualifier brevets I’ve been perfecting my kit for Paris – Brest – Paris. It actually is the kit I always take on a brevet that is longer than 200k. The only items I added extra for Paris – Brest – Paris are extra bib shorts, socks, baselayer, and toothbrush/toothpaste. I will not be using any bag drop services during the 1200km ride so thisis all I will take for the 90-hour ride.

Swift Industries Ozette Randonneur bag

Almost all of my stuff is in my Swift Industries Ozette Randonneur bag. It’s rather big but front access to this bag allows me to do most of the stuff on my bike. It fits everything listed and food for the first 250km.

Cockpit view.

In the front pouch:

  • 2 spare inner tubes (Schwalbe SV15)
  • Small container with chain lube (Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Wet Lube)
  • Swift Industries Cascade Seeker Travel Bag
    • all medical stuff
    • toothbrush + toothpaste
    • a spare micro USB cable
    • dual USB wall charger
    • Exposure Joystick MK12 USB charge cable
    • One luxury item: small vile of beard oil
  • Opinel No. 07

Main compartment:

Right rear pocket:

Left rear pocket:

  • SaltStick Caps & SaltStick Caps PLUS
  • SPF lip balm

Miss Grape Bud

Stem mounted bag with outside netted pockets to keep my trash. Awesome bag by Miss Grape.

Isadore K.E.G.

I moved all my tools and one spare tube to a storage keg in my third bottle cage holder

  • whitelabel multitool with a chain breaker
  • DT Swiss thru-axle lever
  • missing link for chain
  • spare SPD cleat + bolts
  • spare derailleur hanger
  • spare m5 bolts
  • Lezyne tire levers
  • small rag
  • cable ties
  • Lezyne patch kit
  • Parktool TB-2 emergency tire boots
  • schrader to presta adapter
  • Vittoria Competition Latex spare tube

Random stuff on the bike

Electronics and navigation

Random stuff


2 thoughts on “Paris – Brest – Paris kit list”

  1. A good and complete list. You’re well-prepared. I carry a spare bolt for the SPD cleats, but should I carry a spare cleat too? I’ve fitted new cleats. Do they ever break? I’ve tried Park Tool tire boots without luck, and now carry oval sections cut from the adhesive flap of a Tyvek mailing envelope. After reading your list, I am copying your idea of carrying loose shorts in which to sleep. Thanks.

    1. I don’t think the cleat will break, but with a screw loose (LOL) i might loose one 😉 Haven’t used the tire boots yet but I do have a spare outer tire so not planning to use the tire booth 😛

      We are in the same starting group btw, I’m G251

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